Tax Information

Tax Information

Parmer CAD Active Taxing Units
Parmer CountyCity of Farwell
Bovina Independent School DistrictCity of Friona
Farwell Independent School DistrictHigh Plains Underground Water Conservation District #1
Friona Independent School DistrictMuleshoe Area Hospital District
Lazbuddie Independent School DistrictFarwell Hospital District
City of BovinaParmer County Hospital District

2014 Adopted Tax Rates

2015 Adopted Tax Rates

2016 Adopted Tax Rates

2017 Adopted Tax Rates

2018 Adopted Tax Rates

2019 Adopted Tax Rates

2020 Adopted Tax Rates 

2021 Adopted Tax Rates

2022 Adopted Tax Rates

2021 Truth in Taxation Summary

2022 Truth in Taxation Summary

2022 Parmer CAD Adopted Tax Rates

CITY OF BOVINA0.478700.478700030000
CITY OF FRIONA0.465700.465700030000
CITY OF FARWELL0.519700.519700030000
PARMER COUNTY0.37920.02280.402000300000
FARM TO MARKET ROAD0.110000.110000300000
PARMER COUNTY HOSPITAL0.11030.08390.19420050001000010000
FARWELL HOSPITAL0.028500.02850050001000010000
BAILEY COUNTY HOSPITAL0.3297500.329753000
BOVINA ISD0.900100.900100400001000010000
FARWELL ISD1.02490.35591.380800400001000010000
FRIONA ISD0.85460.3341.188600400001000010000
LAZBUDDIE ISD0.99960.351.349600400001000010000
HIGH PLAINS WATER0.0046900.004686300000
HEREFORD ISD0.88460.092940.97754340000100000
AMARILLO COLLEGE0.0451700.04516940000100000